Terms & Conditions

1. AADHAR card scan copy (full size) both sides required for First Time Transaction

2. PAN Card Scan Copy both sides required if transaction amount greater than INR 5,000/-

3. No Deals without Proof of Identity & Address

4. Minimum Deal  $20 & Maximum Deal  $2000 in a Single Day

5. Sell Order Payments processed in 30 Minutes to 48 Hours based on our bank working hours.

6. Only Single (Buy/Sell/Exchange) order processed in a single day (24 hours)

7. Order hold only for 24 hours.  After that it will be closed

8. Payments from Third Party Bank Accounts & Payments to Third Party Bank Accounts not possible

9. In case of cash deposit, Counter Folio/File must send to ecurrencyteam@gmail.com

10. Dealing All E-Currencies in USD (United State Dollars) not accepting any other currencies.

11. All Deals in Banking Hours & Bank Working Days only.

12. Deals between 9 AM to 5 PM for New Clients and 24 Hours to Regular Customers.

13. WhatsApp No: +919248136636  for support only. Not for enquires and guidance.  Before deals visit our website www.uniglobevja.blogspot.com  read all pages then only ask anything in whatsapp. 

14. All Deals through Bank Only (NEFT/RTGS)

15. Cash Deals not accepted.

16. All E-Currency deals in USD format / category only.  We don't accept E-Currency INR accounts transfers / deals.

17. Transfer Fee extra for all orders (as per Type of Account)

18. When the transfer of dollars done is below the Sell order placed, payment will be done as per the rate slab only (not based on Sell order placed.) and we will charge $1 for 100 USD (Ex: Sell Order Placed 350 USD but send 250 USD we will charged 3.50$ as charges.)

19. All bitcoin transactions must need 3 confirmations to process orders.

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