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Home Based Online Data Entry Jobs
"Is typewriting your passion... Make it profession... Captcha Entry Work is ready for you that help you earn INR 10,000/- per month."
- eCurrency Team

About Work or Job:

Online Data Entry Work is called as CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) which provides real-time image-to-text decoding. Now, Online Data Entry Work is one of the best Part Time Jobs and earning income for Students, House Wife, Retired Person and un-employees.  It is 100% Legitimate Online Work. No Work Load. Work In your Spare time. Create Your Own Income by Typing. Millions Already Working From Every Part of the world. Most of the Workers from India, Pakistan, Vietnam and China. To do this job you Need Computer, Internet Connection, Good Typing Skills and Basic English Knowledge. You'll be typing in online servers. You should have atleast a Typing Speed of 40 wpm. It means more typing speed is more income and Less Typing Speed is less income possible. Each Word is containing of 4-12 approx. Characters (Case Sensitive, Numerical, Mathematics & Two Words).

INDIA is No.1 position in Online Jobs: 

Top 10 Countries in Online Jobs:
1.    INDIA
5.    CHINA
7.    RUSIA


Job Requirements:
1.    Must be Indian
2.    Computer and Unlimited Internet Connection
3.    Professional Typing in English
4.    Willing to work around the Clock (Maximum 10 Hours based on your typing skills)
5.    Nationalized Bank Account
6.    PAN Card
7.    Working Mobile Number & Email ID


One Day Online & Offline Training will be provided at your home.  Training Material Provided for it. If you have any doubts in work you can solve at that time.

Registration Fee:

One Time Registration Fee is INR 550/- (Non-Refundable).  After paid Registration Fee, we will provide Training & Work ASAP.

Regd.  Fee Payment Process:
Through Cash Deposit in Banks

Name                          : ECURRENCY TEAM
SBI A/c No                 : 33936266725 (State Bank of India)
Name of the Branch  : Bhaskarapuram Branch, Machilipatnam
IFSC Code                  : SBIN0009633

Job or Work Profile:

Target Based, you can solve 10,000 images daily. 2 User IDs provided to workers.  30 days will be treated as one month.  You must reach 10,000 (words) x 30 days = 3,00,000 (Words/Images) words per month. 


If you are reached the target within the month then you will get remuneration of INR 10,000/- to your Bank Account
If you are not reached the target within the month then you will get remuneration based on your work
No. Of Images solved /1600 x Rs.55

No. of Images Solved = 1,50,000
1,50,000/1600x55 = 5,156/- will be paid to your Bank Account
Note: Minimum Payment for work is Rs.1,000/-, If not reached the minimum payment level - No payment for work.  No Balance carry forward to next month.

Warning! No payment for Worker ID Banned or Suspended

Reason for Banned or Suspended:

1.    Improper Input or typing of  CAPTCHA Image
2.    CAPTCHA Rules not implemented by Worker
3.    Time Out or Kick Out
4.    Omission of Captcha Image without Typing
5.    Poor Internet Connections (i.e., 2G Data Cards, low band width, Signal Out)

To Avoid from Banned or Suspended follow our Instructions Carefully:

1.   Read Captcha Instructions Carefully
2.   Study the Pre-Solved Image Tutorial
3.   Typing Speed and Accuracy is essential
4.   Unlimited Broad Band Internet Connection is Required

Bonus for Work:

Who completed the Monthly Target 300000 images/words for continuous 6 months will be declared Bonus of INR 3,000/- will be paid to their Bank Account

Images Solved in an Hour:

DEMO Video:

Worker Payment Proof: 

Contact Us:

H.No.27-28, Kojjilipeta,
Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Cell No:  092481 36636 / 09059476558

Email ID: ecurrencyteam@gmail.com

Chat ID (GTalk/Yahoo/Skype) : ecurrencyteam