www.addurl.nu Buy Sell Exchange WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Neteller Exchanger in India: HOW TO FILL FORM


  1. Full Name is Your Complete Name along with your Surname / Last Name Ex: Murali Krishna Maganti
  2. Address: Fill your address Completed Door No/H.No/Plot No:, Street Name or Area Name, City Name, State & Country
  3. Phone or Mobile Number: must be working, it must be 10 digits Ex: 9849098490
  4. Email ID must be Yours, All Communications or Any Other information will be mailed to it. So, provide your working or active Email ID only
  5. 'Selling USD' or 'Required USD'  is minimum 20.00 to Maximum 2000.00 (with 2 decimals)
  6. 'Account Type' must be selected from the drop down list. Select any one for your requirement. 
  7. Account ID related to Account Type. based on your account type fill the text box. (Ex: WMZ starts with Z follows with 12 digit number ZXXXXXXXXXXXX | Perfect Money Account Started with U follows with 7 digits number UXXXXXXX  Skrill, Neteller, STP & PayPal Account ID belongs to Email ID)
  8. Bank Details must have Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Branch, IFSC Code. Bank and Branch details must be the Account Name holder, it must be match with Order Form Full Name. Third Party Back account details not accepted. Only Nationalized Bank Accounts Accepted.
  9. "Buy with" option available for buyers who want to buy E-Currency. A new option with IMPS, Cash Deposit/GCC, NEFT/RTGS Transfer, ATM-Cum-Debit Card Transfer, Credit Card Transfer (VISA) added for Order Form.  Based on your option filled we send the reply Email as per your required Payment Process  Bank Information Provided.  Example: If you select "IMPS" in BUY WITH option.  We will send our bank MMID Number & Registered MMID Mobile number in reply Email"
  10. Don't submit multiple order forms, if you do it, your order forms are deleted without processing it. Treated as Trash Forms.
  11. When you are sending your E-Currency Wallet to our E-Currency Account. You must mention "Payment for Service" in Description field.
  12. Before placing the Order Form Calculate your NTB (Net Transferable Balance).  Which will be calculated after deducting the Transfer Fee from your e-currency wallet Gross USD balance. (Calculate Transfer Fee Manually)
  13. After Submitted the Order Forms inform it through Email or SMS or Call for your Order conformation, without conformation we will treat it as trash.
  14. If you want to pay through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), mention your MMID & Last 3 digits of your Registered Mobile number in Bank Account details field in Buy Order Forms.
  15. Before placing the order from once conform the fund availability status, then only place order form (Conform it through Cal l/ SMS / WhatsApp Chat support)
  16. 'Account Name' must be the Order Submitter / Full Name Holder.  Third Party E-Wallet Transfers not possible. Account Name is belongs to E-Currency Wallet Name
  17. Once the order is submitted.  You will get automated reply email for both BUY ORDER & SELL ORDER  along with your submitted data.  We will send your order reply once our Terms and Conditions is full filled.  Otherwise we don't send reply Email.